Reverse Mosaic Tiles Quilt Top

reverse mosaic tiles quilt topAs I started making the blocks for the Mosaics Tile quilt I had an idea.  Why not use the jelly roll I have in Simply Color to see what the quilt look like done in reverse?

I cut 5″ squares in Kona White.  For the jelly roll I cut two 5″ pieces and 2 8″ pieces from each strip.  That gave me enough for roughly 42 total squares.  Even better, I have some left over inches on each strip for another project.  As much as I love this fabric line, I probably won’t use it for a while after two projects back to back.

reverse mosaic tiles quilt

I really wanted to have a random look to the layout.  While piecing I sorted my 5″ and 8″ strips into 4 stacks.  Each stack had just one of each of the 42 fabrics, no repeats.  When piecing I made sure to not have the same colors or pattern touching.

Sewing the 5" strips first.
Sewing the 5″ strips first.
Chain piecing really helped this go quickly
Chain piecing really helped this go quickly

I followed the block pattern in the book and pressed along the way.  This really helped keep my squares neat and helped me rearrange the blocks so I didn’t repeat.

reverse mosaic tiles

I really tried to keep the random look as I pieced the quilt blocks.  It really got hard on the last few, but in the overall layout of a quilt, not too bad.

Can’t wait to really showcase how the quilt looks finished.  The look is completely different from the original but still really shows off the fabrics.

reverse mosaic tilesWIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced