Range Quilt – Swiss Mountains

Range Quilt - Swiss Mountains

Getting an email about creating a baby quilt is exciting and nerve wracking.  Will my design meet their vision?  Oh, man I hope  they like it.  Sometimes it just comes together.  Range Quilt – Swiss Mountains does just that.

A recipient of my quilts emailed to ask for a custom creation for a family member.  Sure.  Tell me more about them.  She went on to describe the couple as outdoor lovers and noted they got married in the Swiss Mountains.  As we chatted through email I was envisioning a quilt that I had admired before.  Range Quilt by Modern Handcraft.

Range Quilt PDF Pattern

Well she loved it and we added a custom touch.  The Swiss flag on the back.  Perfection.  Thanks to Fabric Shack for having all of the Kona colors in stock.  They had super fast shipping as well.

To make a baby sized quilt, I shrunk the pattern down 75%.  It worked great.  I was so nervous to cut into the fabric and make this since I was altering the pattern.

Quilt top

Range Quilt - Swiss Mountains

I was able to snap this photo during a recent snowstorm.  We have had so much snow and rain that it’s made it hard to get good photos.

Tip on this quilt is to use starch since the pattern has a number of seams.  Overall the pattern comes together quickly and is written well.

The Finished Product

Range Quilt - Swiss Mountains

For quilting I wanted to highlight the movement within the pattern.  I used coordinating thread colors and straight line quilted the design.  This was quite the shoulder workout.  Ha!  Completely worth the extra effort.

Range Quilt - Swiss Mountains

I took a risk with the white binding but couldn’t think of what would go with the rest of the quilt.  It’s a great frame.  Check out the back with the Swiss flag.

Range Quilt - Swiss Mountains

I hope this baby gets lots of snuggles on the quilt.

Range Quilt - Swiss Mountains


This is baby quilt 6/40 with my goal for 2018.