Rainbow Scrappy Charming Plus Quilt

rainbow scrappy charming plus quilt (2)

It’s DONE!!!  So happy to have this quilt completed.  Actually, I’m more happy to use some scraps and use some stash fabric.  The finished size is more of a picnic or throw quilt.

rainbow scrappy charming plus quilt (1)

The goal was to have each block have different prints of the color in it.  I noticed my mistake on one as I was quilting.  Do you see it above?

rainbow scrappy charming plus quilt (4)

There were some swear words said at first, but it doesn’t matter.  It’s a mistake and now it’s apart of this quilt.  Pretty sure the busy-ness will prevent most people from noticing.

For quilting I went with simple crosshatch in white.  The lines are not marked, instead just kind of eye balled diagonal lines.  Takes a little longer to quilt with the crosshatch, but I’m loving the look recently.

rainbow scrappy charming plus quilt (3)

The back is one of my favorite vintage sheets.  As I started basting I realized one corner was off by inches on the back.  This wasn’t something that binding would hide either.  I added a strip to the back and I plan to add a little something extra in that area so it’s not really as noticeable.  The busy print doesn’t draw your eye right to it.

rainbow scrappy charming plus quilt (5)

Time to get this quilt wrapped up and in the mail.  Can’t wait to hear how the recipient likes it.

We got new phones this week and I need to re-learn how to photography my quilts with the new camera.

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