Rainbow Charm Project

What feels like forever ago I was apart of a rainbow charm swap.  Sad to admit, it’s been almost two years.  These charms have sat in my WIP box with not a lot of inspiration.  I even created a board on Pinterest for the project.

As I have started to use Instagram more I found this quilt and really liked it.

rainbow charm inspirationThe technique is from Quilts from the House of Tula Pink.  Take a block any size you want, I chose 5 inch blocks in Kona White.  Then squares of whatever size you want.  Sew the smaller blocks onto the corners and trim.  Pretty easy.  With this many squares, it could take a while.

number of quilt squares I cut the 5 inch charms into 4 2.5 inch squares and arranged them in rainbow order with high and low volume separates.

rainbow charm squaresSo far the pink, red and orange are done.  Now I just need to cut SO many more 5 inch white squares.  Maybe once P goes to sleep.

rainbow charm squaresTo keep the look I want, it’s creating a chevron pattern I didn’t really expect.  It’s pleasantly surprising.

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