Quilts For Pulse

quilts-for-pulse-on the monon

Shock is the best way to describe the morning we learned what took place in Orlando overnight.  As I listened to the news stories later that day I was stunned.  Mass shootings make zero sense to me, that is a whole other topic not fit for this blog.

Previously, I have mentioned that my brother in law is gay.  This hits too close to home.

Well, quilters make things when people are in need and the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild has organized a wonderful quilt drive.  They are projecting over 1,000 quilt will be received.  Here are two I am contributing, my friend Rachael is sending along another.  Look at that crinkly goodness.


Let me iterate that number again…

1,000 quilts

That is amazing.  What is even better is what the OMQG is going to do with them.  They have identified over 800 people directly impacted from the shooting.  Survivors, deceased family members, first responders, and the medical community that served the injured.

With the three quilts Rachael and I pieced, we have still have some blocks leftovers.  After a discussion with the OMQG and their current workload I’m not sending the remaining blocks.  Instead, I will keep them here and make a quilt to donate to a local organization supporting the lgbtq community.  This wasn’t an easy decision to make but still supports the original mission of the quilts.

Thank you to my wonderful friends and family that wanted blocks made and those that contributed to getting these finished.  You guys are awesome.


Finally a shout out my coworker Christine.  She sent me these wonderful blocks.  Once I talked to OMQG I decided to make her own quilt and rock it.  Digging through the stash there were lots of solids just sitting there.


Check out the back using all solids.  Reminded me of Tetris as I was putting it together.


These are going in the mail today and heading to Orlando.  My wish is that they provide comfort and peace to a person or family after this event.