Quilting Entertainment

LOTS of sewing has been going on over here.  Growler Girls has two shows in the next 9 days.  Needless to say I’m going to be wiped next week.  With all my recent sewing I have been watching way too much Netflix.

Up next is going to be Christmas movies.  For now I have devoured two shows:  Scandal and Once Upon a Time.  ABC has sucked me in.

Heather Jones did a talk a few weeks ago with Indy Modern Quilt Guild.  She discussed how she watches Scandal while sewing.  My first question was, do you think Olivia ends up with Jake or Fitz?  She was torn and I chuckled.

At this point in the series seeing either on screen is nice.  So I ask you readers, do you think she ends up with Fitz or Jake?  I’m so torn on who she should end up with.  Can they both just take their shirts off and stand there?  Sorry, but not sorry for saying that.

Once Upon a Time has become by go to series recently.  I’ve watched 22 episodes in about three weeks.  Now if only Snow and Charming can have their fairy tale ending.  Regina and Gold are messing up everything.

I love the idea of a show that runs two story lines side by side with the same characters.  Growing up I read lots of fairy tales and wanted to be a princess.  I don’t have a favorite one.  Do you have a favorite princess?  So far the first two seasons have been entertaining as they weave other stories in and out of the main story.

I’m not quite to the end of season 2 but they will happen this weekend as I bust out more products for next week’s show.

What do you watch as you sewing and create?

Thanks to Diane with Craftypod for sharing her viewing choices in a series on her blog.