Quarter Square Triangles Quilt Part 1

How are you adjusting to writing 2016 on stuff?  I’m still not quite used to it yet.  My time is changing a bit as I’m going back into the office more.  There is a role I really want and being visible will only help.  Combine that with my focus on getting healthier and exercise and my sewing time is pretty limited.  However, if I just work a bit each day, this project will get done.  Hoping this weekend affords me a few hours to just sew and quilt this baby quilt.

My brother in law requested a baby girl quilt and gave me a quick description of the parents.  Mom is a professional dancer and dad likes the Patriots and Red Sox.  Patriots and Red Sox fabric is not allowed in my house; we are a Yankees and Colts/Giants household.  I wanted to focus on a traditional pattern and add my own to twist to it for the design.

In my stash I found some scraps from Katie of Swim Bike Quilt that I purchased a couple of years ago.  These Joel Dewberry Heirloom prints had to join my stash the minute I saw her post these.  Some of the work is already done since the triangles are already cut in half.  Pretty sure you will see the other isosceles triangles in an upcoming project.

joel dewberry heirloom scraps

From my stash I pulled a light and dark gray option to pair with the prints.  Lots of great feedback on Instagram about which to choose.  After a couple of days of heavy contemplation the light gray is where my eye went every time.

joel dewberry heirloom scraps with solids

joel dewberry heirloom scraps

The triangles were cut from a 4.5″ square so I grabbed the rotary cutter and got to work on the light gray fabric.  In just a few minutes I had enough half square triangles to start sewing.  Maybe tonight I can sew them all up and get them pressed.  My design idea to create quarter square triangles or hourglass blocks moving throughout the quilt, like they are dancing.  The full layout won’t come to me until I have everything sewn and ready to go.




Money Spent on Project so far for fabric:  $0.00