Shift Quilt | A Reflection of 2018

shift quilt, quiltytherapy, scrap quilt, improv pieced quilt

As 2018 came to a close, I began a new quilt project. My festivities for the evening including an anxiety ridden dog that farts all the time, snuggling P, and not much else. Once P went to bed I started messing around in my sewing space.

At an IMQG meeting a while back I picked up some scraps from our 2017 Quiltcon Charity Quilt, as seen below.

These scraps had been sitting on a pile in my sewing space and an idea sparked. Why not just bust out one last project for the year? What came about was a quilt that resembled my 2018. Here’s how.


In 2018 my life felt like millions of pieces not really sure how it all fit together. Maybe you noticed a change, maybe it’s you’re first time here. Either way I’m glad you’re reading.

It was nice to work with something my friends had worked on. Friends helped get me through 2018 and this incorporated that detail into the quilt.

Layout | Design

The design for this quilt happened organically. My brain may have subliminally arranged the quilt. All the blocks were pointing up but one. This one changed it’s focused. It shifted. Once I saw how I had laid them out on my first pass, I left it, and knew I needed to build the quilt from here.

That’s how my life felt. My focus shifted, my life shifted. This quilt was becoming an interpretation of what I had felt. It felt like a true artistic breakthrough. Then quilty tetris happened and it I loved the top.

Can you guess how many Y-seams are in the top?

I used a Kona (maybe Navy) solid that was in my stash that coordinated perfectly with the blue in the backing. It’s an African Wax print from Crimson Tate. I had picked it up from a neighborhood garage sale site and it’s been waiting for the right project.

It wasn’t easier to piece together the top. Some time, rearranging, and lots of trial and error to get it exactly how I wanted it. There are TWO Y-seams in the quilt. They were challenging but necessary with my block placement.


As the top was coming together, I envisioned a heart in the shifted block and then quilting out ripples. My quilting had other thoughts. My heart was messy and wasn’t looking great. Let alone decent to keep going.

shift quilt, quiltytherapy, scrap quilt, improv pieced quilt

So I ripped it out and started with another option. Wavy organic lines. The year had been full of curves. Some bigger and some tighter. The lines felt much better in telling the story for 2018. They are not perfect, but got better by the end.


shift quilt, quiltytherapy, scrap quilt, improv pieced quilt

I do love a solid binding. In the scraps from the IMQG meeting, I had found an orange binding ready to go and thought this could work. Once the quilt was finished it needed more of a frame to complete the piece, not accentuate it. The Kona solid binding won.

Typically, I machine stitch the binding to finish up a project. However, this quilt needs the hand stitched binding. Spending some time snuggled under the quilt, sewing along slowly, to finalize the overall look.


In 2018 my life took a change. Right now I’m not ready to discuss anything publicly, maybe eventually. What you should know that while it’s been challenging, it’s also been a time of growth. There has been much reflection. I’m in a much better spot than where I thought I would be.

Finishing this quilt going into 2019 was refreshing. I can complete 2018 and feel like I’m truly moving forward. In all the quilts I’ve created I’ve never had an AH-HA! moment. I used to call them Oprah moments when I was coaching people since those typically feel like a breakthrough.

It was therapeutic. Not sure where this quilt is going to live. In my stash or out the door. Maybe this needs to stay with me for a bit to remind me that everything shifted and I’m still fine.

shift quilt, quiltytherapy, scrap quilt, improv pieced quilt

The Best Christmas Gift

As a mom, Christmas isn’t about me. It’s always about P and others. This year was no different. There are needs and wants that I have this holiday season. I’m too proud to share my needs.

However P was asking what I wanted. My response has been just hugs and kisses. He told my mom and she helped him make it happen. He was so excited to show me. On Christmas morning this was his gift.

best christmas gifts, gifts for mom, quiltytherapy

I loved it and I teared up at the idea. He was very excited for me to open it. My next gift was socks, exactly what I needed. Boxing wears your socks out. Ha. P got me exactly what I wanted and needed this Christmas.

The rest of the day was all about P and the magic of Christmas for a five year old. It was magical and full of family time.

Maybe a little too much family time. Boss had enough.

As a mom, I think this was the best Christmas. Now I wonder how much of that candy P actually eats instead of me.

What did you get for Christmas?

Soft Palatte Half Square Triangle Quilt

Creating a project out of your color palatte can present some challenges.  Mostly that I didn’t have much in my stash to use.  After digging through scraps, it became apparent these softer colors were just not there.  

I was able to pickup a few fat quarters at Crimson Tate to start building the colors of the quilt. The request was for muted/soft pinks, neutrals, and maybe some accent colors. For a girl, but not overly girly and muted.

After the fabric was selected, it was time to solidify my design idea. Since this was a different palatte for me, I wanted to stick with a comfortable design. Half Square Triangles came to mind. Cutting into the fabric and making 5″ squares allowed me to think about a way to add Wow to this project.

In my stash was some leftover triangles from another project. Could they be the twist? I dug around and found them. The piecing began on a beautiful Sunday morning. My favorite is to sit here as the sun is rising before the house awakens to all the noise of the day. Soft colors and soft lighting make for a great way to start the day.

Once the half square triangles were created, it was time for the little bits of wow. On a number of blocks, I took these little triangles and added them to a corner. Not to every block, I think it was just about half.

Look at those colors? They are out not my normal, but goodness I love how they came together.

The little corners add a bit more design to the quilt. It’s backed in a coordinating print with gray and some gold. There are a few metallic fabrics sprinkled into the fabrics as well.

Quick overall loops for quilting. For binding there was just enough left of a couple gray and white prints with gold. The best last touch for this quilt.

The quilt was finished just in time as it’s owner decided to enter the world a few days early. There is enough fabric left over to make another quilt in this palatte in 2019.

If you are looking for a custom quilt in 2019 I currently have space. Please connect with me here.

October Stashing

quiltytherapy, fabric stash, stashing

Not much sewing happened during October, but stashing did.  Stashing can be fun. Curating a wonderful collection around an idea. Most recently has been around adding some color to my living room. Here’s what I’ve added to the stash in October and their projects.

quiltytherapy, fabric stash, stashing


Thought I had enough of this long ago for my original idea. However, with my change of design, there is enough. Do you know how hard it is to find this line? Let alone this print? I ordered four yards just for good measure.

Art Gallery Floral:

New pillow covers. Recently I added some pillows in a big black and white buffalo check. They are backed with a vintage sheet. These will pair nicely with the next fabric.

Black and White Polka Dot:

Yep, more pillow covers. Polka dots, flowers, and buffalo check will surround my couch. Now I will have to fight the dogs off the cute pillows.

Other fabrics:

New pillowcases for my bedroom are in order. The rest is just stash.

Postage Stamp Checkerboard Quilt Version 2

scrap quilt, scrappy checkerboard, postage stamp quilt, quiltytherapy

After creating this quilt, there were quite a few of scraps already sorted.  They just called out “make me into a quilt.”  They are so demanding, right?

Postage Checkerboard Scrappy Boy Quilt

Over Labor Day weekend I took these to the lake and started sewing.  Are you surprised?  I take my machine everywhere.  The hum of the machine in nature was quite refreshing.  I did some early afternoon sewing, most people were out on the water and our area gets pretty quite.

Once I got home, I pressed the small squares with seams open and began adding 2″ Kona Ash strips.  Why is it every time I go to type ASH, I type AS*?  Adding those strips takes no time and creates an interesting look.

Once P was in bed I could lay out the quilt in the house and piece the rows.  My process involves piecing all the rows, then pressing.  I also don’t press the seams between rows until the top is finished.  From my stash I chose a blue backing that I had picked a while back.

For the binding I had a large scrap of a Robert Kaufman print that was a wide back.  White bindings are scary on a baby quilt, but sometimes it just works.  Quilting is my go to all over loops.

scrappy baby quilt, checkerboard quilt, scrap quilt, quiltytherapy

Time to refresh my scraps and maybe mix them up a bit.  The scrap bin is overflowing.  Anyone up for a scrap swap?

This is quilt 15/40 in my 2018 baby quilt goal.

Geese A Flutter Baby Quilt

Geese A Flutter baby quilt has been in the works for over a year.  Can’t believe that is true.  It started with an idea from the Handmade Swap last spring.  Soft girly colors for a baby quilt.  Shortly after our friends announced they were going to be having a girl.

assorted flying geese blocks

I started with stacks of flying geese and started building my 4 block units.  These come together rather quickly.

flying geese quilt blocks

Laying out the blocks revealed a small hiccup with my original idea.  The quilt would be too narrow.

flying geese blocks, quiltytherapy

At the IMQG retreat this winter I added thick borders.  So this baby quilt is really more of a lap quilt size.

geese a flutter quilt top

I chose the Art Gallery butterfly print in my stash as the backing.  Using free motion loops I was able to quickly quilt this up.  Binding is one of the blue floral prints in the quilt.

geese a flutter quilt, baby girl quilt, quiltytherapy

Then the quilt sat in my sewing room.  It’s been done since May or so.  The baby was born in December.  I found the quilt while cleaning out my sewing space this summer.

It got a good tumble through the dryer, a new photoshoot, and then wrapped to send.

geese a flutter quilt, quiltytherapy

It’s enjoying snuggles with it’s new owner.  While I say it’s my last flying geese quilt for a bit, I doubt I’m done.  They make great srappy quilts and come together smoothly.

This is number 14/40 for my baby quilt goal for 2018.