Our First Family Christmas Tree

I am very excited to show our first Christmas tree to everyone.  My husband and I have been battling it out over real tree vs fake tree for 8.5 years.  Due to our battle, we have NEVER had a Christmas tree.  Here it is.  **For the record my husband won the fake vs real tree battle.**

first christmas tree

Now it’s time to get decorations that fit my style.  My friend got married last weekend and gave me a cute notepad that I think is pretty close to what I envision my Christmas style is.  Reindeer, snowflakes, white, red, gray and maybe some wood thrown in there for a more natural feel.  Her wedding favors were red bulb ornaments.  I may collected a few to take home and put to good use.

holiday notepad

Hopefully I can find the limited number of ornaments I have collected over the years.  Where did I put that box when we organized the basement last year?

holiday items
little box of holiday items

After opening most of the boxes in the basement I found some of the ornaments and decorations I have gotten over the years.

Last night Porter played and I decorated the tree.  Of course I want more ornaments, but for now I’m happy with the result.

decorated christmas treeThe house smells pine.  Now I need to keep a baby and two dogs away from the tree.  Let the fun begin.