Nomadic Triangles

nomadic triangles quilt

nomadic triangles quiltEcstatic is the best adjective I can describe how I feel with this quilt.  It was a labor of love over the last couple of weeks to get it done and create something I would be happy with.

arizona layout on design wall From here I add Kona Snow to make the trimmed square a 10″ x 10″ square.  During my layout I was turning the triangles to assist with the random look.  Each triangle isn’t exactly centered either.  I think it gives the quilt movement.


nomadic triangles quiltFor the quilting I started off center with a triangle I traced from my Tri-Recs tool.  Each triangle after that is 1.5 inches away.  I gravitate towards straight line quilting, but this helped give it more dimension.  I used a gold thread from Gütermann.  It really matched the gold in the center print of each triangle. This was my first

nomadic triangles quiltThe name Nomadic Triangles comes from the theme of the Arizona Fabric.  Each triangle is floating in it’s own space, not necessarily following the others.  Naming this quilt really took a number of emails and texts with friends asking for feedback.

nomadic triangles quilt backThe back is pieced with this gorgeous print from the line.  I consider it a success that the prints line up, they don’t match up exactly.  I’m okay with that.

nomadic triangles quilt back The binding the blue and white Tomahawk Stripe.  From the front it give just a nice border and on the back coordinates well with the larger print.

This is one of my favorite quilts I have made.  It was a challenge to create but turned out the complete opposite of what I originally started my design process with.  The end result is more than I could have imagined.

nomadic triangles quiltPhotos were taken at a near by park.  They have this wooden rail all around and this was the spot I envisioned the quilt being photographed.  All that is missing a wagon wheel or a steer skull with horns.