News Threads 5.27

This is my weekly update of projects that I am currently working on, ideas, completed projects, and other randomness that I throw in.  Look for the posts on Wednesday mornings. 


I had purchased some variety polka dot material in 4″ squares from Ebay many months ago.  I finally starting on making something with them.  I did a nine patch design, then cut into four big squares.  I placed them randomly on the quilt and came up with an interesting design.  One of my coworkers called it more Halloweenish.  I didn’t like the way the quilting came out so Chickory, my puppy, will be enjoying this one in her cage. 

Citrus Quilt

  • Have all the green, orange and yellow blocks cut and sewn.  Now just time for the design/layout process. 
  • There is enough leftover material for the binding and back. 

Quiltstars Swap quilt

  • Waiting to get the blocks back.  This is my first swap, so I’m pretty excited. 
  • Have the design/layout already thought out in my head. 

Donation Quilts

  • 1 of the quilts has been done since before we moved and I have just held on to it.  I may be giving it to one of my nieces.  I know they should go to kids in need, but I now live 1500 miles from them and do not get to see them very much. 
  • From those original first 5 yards I have made 2 more quilts. 
  • The 2nd one is ready to be pressed, pinned, quilted and finished.  This will probably go to my other niece. 
  • The 3rd one I need to finish my felt design board so I can lay this one out.  I want to do something different with it.  Pictures to come later. 
  • My last donation quilt will be going to a close friend as she tries to figure out what is going on with her body.  Since I can’t go with her, this would be a great way to be there with her.