News Thread 6.14

I usually do my News Thread toward the middle of the week, but I figured I’d do it early this week.  It’s only Monday but there is lots going on.

My Etsy shop had two sales this weekend.  I am really happy about that.  Good thing I spent some time yesterday finishing some new items to list.  My shop looks a little empty now.  Four new sets of potholders and quilt coming up hopefully this evening.  Good thing I can sew at work.

I’ve pulled out the Holiday fabric to see what I can create.  Pretty sure that I need to get started on the Holiday projects now.  I’m looking at cute little tree I designed while at work last week.  Plus I have some ornaments started. 

Things to complete this week:

  • Birdie baby quilt
  • Photos for Etsy
  • Listings
  • More cutting and sewing for potholders
  • Cut and start new baby quilt

I’m hoping for good weather in the evenings so I can take decent photos.  I want to share with you what I have been creating.  There have been some nasty storms come through Indiana over the last few days. 

Anyone care to share anything creative they are working on?