News Thread 11.13

Happy Friday the 13th.  Hopefully everyone has safe day.  Pretty sure I’m safe from black cats, but the street feral cat will be sure to cross my path today.  At the very least to torment my dogs.  My new sewing room happens to have the front window that the dogs like to sit and look out.  So all of my projects have to go to a pet friendly person. 

Enough about my animals.  I have been very unproductive in the sewing department this week.  Nothing from last week’s list is checked off.  I plan to spend the weekend cleaning and sewing.  I have gifts that need to be finished to removed from my sewing room.  There are projects of my own to work on and get the room cleaned up.  Instead of spring cleaning, I’m doing a fall cleaning! 

I’ll update again over the weekend.  Someone hold me accountable!!