News Thread 1.28.11

My list of projects is continuing to grow.  It’s a good thing but time management is becoming ever so important.  I’m going to need to put up a calendar to keep me on track.  Here is a sneak peek of the items I am working on this week.

Sycamores Quilt

This is a special project for a friend that wants something to represent his alma mater.  Designing the quilt was the hardest part.  Now it’s on the borders and and keeping it masculine.  Finding blue fabric that isn’t feminine is difficult.

Just a corner

Mother’s Day Quilts

I have a block for inspiration on this quilt.  This weekend it’s a priority that I get the fabrics picked out for these blocks.  They will be traveling with me in March for an added touch!  Here are the blocks I’m thinking of adding to complete the quilt, Mother’s Dream.

Eva Curtains

I was asked to make curtains to match the Moda Eva Baby Quilt. Luckily I was able to find a large amount of the fabric requested.  Time to get those laid out, pressed, and started.


Last week I was able to spend some time getting a variety of potholders one step away from being available.  Just the topstitching needs to be completed.  I finally figured out a way to get my white background for my Etsy photos.