Neptune Quilt Finished

neptune baby quilt (2)

A couple of weeks ago I posted my NEPTUNE Wip.  People may have thought I was crazy for cutting into my hoarded Tula Pink Neptune.  While it was hard to cut into this fabric at first, I am loving the end result.  The little squares of pink placed throughout aren’t too girly and just the right color to help with the flow of this quilt.

neptune baby quilt (5)There were just enough of the light and medium gray in the scrap bin to make this quilt happen.  A small moment of panic happened as I got to the bottom row and realized some squares were missing.  They were quickly found and my code red was called off.

For quilting I chose to keep it simple, highlight the fabrics with a natural thread color.

Winter weather does not make it easy to photograph quilts.  I should have gone out earlier on Monday when I got these shots.  Our neighbor’s front privacy fence gets direct sunlight most of the day.  Later in the afternoon, you get some shadows.  I still think the quilt photographed well.

neptune baby quilt (2)Look at the fabric I had stashed away for the back.  LOVE it!

neptune baby quilt (1)I adore this quilt and would love to give it as a gift to a friend.  Instead I chose to list it on Etsy so it can find a new home.  Update:  it’s going to Chicago.

neptune baby quilt (3)There are some 2.5″ squares and some of the backing fabric left.  Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet.  Maybe a destash on Instagram.

I’m so happy I cut into my Neptune hoard.  I made something beautiful and can’t wait for it to find a new loving home.  Any takers?