Mother’s Day Photoshoot

Heirloom quilt, makers with quilts, family quilts, family photos

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Mother daughter photo ideas, family photos, heirloom quilts, family quilts

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  I want to introduce you to my mom and the women that influenced me over the years.

To honor Mother’s Day in a unique way, I wanted to do something special with my mom.  A few months ago, I reached out to Amy with Indy Family Photo to incorporate four generations into one quilting/photographic project.  She nailed it.

Pictured: Lora my great grandmother and Mary my grandma. Wedding photos are from my Uncle Buck & Aunt Polly’s wedding.


Lora Waggoner, my great grandmother, was quite the quilter.  She hand pieced and hand quilted a Trip Around the World Quilt.  It covered the bed I slept on as a child at my grandma’s house.  I would sit, follow the patterns, and find hidden gems in the blocks.  One of her quilts is pictured below.  It’s in amazing condition for the age of the fabric.  There is another quilt at my house that I’m currently restoring.


Mary Roberts (my grandma), held on to my great grandmother’s blocks and fabrics, which instilled a love of sewing from a young age.   She encouraged me to sew with the fabrics and create.  There was no pattern or instructions, it was more improv.  We would paint, do tie dye, arrange floral wreaths with fake flowers, however, sewing is what ignited my creativity.

In college, I wanted to make my first quilt.  This would be a handmade gift for my parents.  My grandma helped me pick out the blue and cream fabrics.  Over Christmas break she let me sew away at her apartment.  The finished quilt is sub par, but it was made out of love.  My mom kept that quilt on her bed for years and now it’s rightfully stuffed away in a closet.  I’m so thankful I got to spend that time with my grandma and create something for my parents.  We had lots of sleepovers that break where we watched old Julia Roberts movies and ate popcorn.   Watching movies with P and eating popcorn is a tradition I have brought into my own little family.

Indy Family Photo, Mother Daughter Photo Shoot Ideas, Family Photo ideasIndy Family Photo, Mother Daughter Photo shoot ideas, family photosIndy Family Photo, Mother's Day photo shoot ideas, Mother Daughter photo shoot, family photos

Porter has developed a similar bond with my mom.  He has been staying with my parents on weekends since he was five weeks old.  She has truly embraced the role of grandma as she had some great mentors.

Mom used to sew my Barbie’s some sweet dresses.  While she hasn’t sewn in years but she had no problem working on the blocks.  That ease is what I adore about her.  My mom is laid back and supportive.  She has supported all of my wild ideas even if she doesn’t fully understand why.  I remember a conversation we had as Rob and I started dating.  She was baffled at how we could date when he lived states away.  Pretty sure she’s thankful now Rob and I had that time to build our relationship and love.  She’s been by my side to celebrate the highs and be my rock during the lows.  Thanks mom for everything.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.

Heirloom quilt, makers with quilts, family quilts, family photos

In my great grandma’s passing, sometime in the 70’s, she left behind some unfinished quilt blocks.  Years ago I wanted to do something with these blocks from my great grandmother.  I wanted my grandma to sew two blocks and my mom to sew another two.  I would put the four blocks together.  My grandma’s hands were not able to do as much and her health deteriorated before the project could come to life.  So I decided this was the year to get those blocks out of a plastic bag and whip them into something amazing.  You can read about the finished quilt here.

Then the photo shoot idea was born.  My wonderful mom obliged to go along with this shoot.  Like me, she doesn’t enjoy having her picture taken.  This is a project that I wanted captured, not just some selfies and terrible lighting as it deserved more. These photos are adorable and she caught a genuine smile from my mom.

After the shoot I went home and made the quilt.  Since I’m terrible at keeping secrets I thought I would share it now.

Celebrate your mom and the women in your life today.  If you can’t be with them, call them to tell them Thank You.

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