Modern Bee

The quilting world is filled with many talented, creative, and inspirational sewists ( I prefer that over sewer).  Yep, you probably just read soo-er versus soe-er.  Doesn’t sound lovely.

Through the Modern Quilt Guild I have met many of those awesome people from the Indy Guild.  They have taken their passion and made it a successful venture.

One of them is Lindsay Conner.  You can find her over at Lindsay Sews and CraftBuds.

She has a wonderful modern aesthetic that she recently showcased in her first book.  Modern Bee – 13 Quilts to Make with Friends highlights the talents of 13 quilters and the modern sewing bee.

Modern Bee book
From Flickr @lindsaysews

While still in Indy, Lindsay asked members of the Indy Modern Quilt Guild if they wanted to contribute a block to a secret project.  She told us it was a book and that we couldn’t share any photos, etc until the book came out.  Honestly, I had forgotten I had made a block for one of the quilts.  She sent out an email with a couple of pictures so I thought I would share.

string circles quiltI really thought the block was going to be hard, but Lindsay’s directions were easy.  The best tip she gave us was just going slow when attaching the circle to the background.  Still have no clue which block is mine.

Normally I don’t buy craft books but I was considering adding this to my collection. While in NYC over the weekend I was able to pick up a copy at The City Quilter.  While on the train back to Brooklyn I started to read the book.  Imagine my surprise when Lindsay had included the IMQG contributors in the Acknowledgements.

It’s a great book and glad I added to my collection.