Mini Charming Plus Quilt – Girl Version

Charming Plus Girl Quilt

Thank you for all the comments on work in progress I shared last week.  This project was one of those that I really just wasn’t sure about it.  The design had been in my head for a bit and sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way you imagine it.  However, this time it worked and I adore this quilt.  Let’s hope the new baby enjoys the contrast as well.

Charming Plus quilt

As I was ready to quilt this I was contemplating thread color.  I went to Instagram and Facebook for ideas.  What thread color should I use?  Loved the responses and auditioned a few.

  • Pink or orange
  • Silver
  • White
  • Mid gray
  • Variegated rainbow
  • Hot pink
  • Light gray

Drum roll please.

I went with a medium gray, it was the perfect neutral.  Look for pink or variegated thread very soon on a project.  My stash of gray thread is dwindling, darn now I need to stock back up.  For the quilting I went with a simple cross hatch.  Of course it’s not perfectly marked out and executed.  Trying to keep the quilt straight and stitches consistent is quite the task.  Do you have a method for keeping your cross hatch maybe more straight? 

Charming Plus Girl Quilt

In my stash I found this purple print that I have had for a couple of years.  The black and white print has small flowers and butterflies.  It’s an old piece of fabric my mom found at an estate sale years ago.  I pulled it to use as a black and white on the front, but in the end it was too white.  Most of the black and white prints tended to more black and provided the contrast I wanted for the brights.


Sunday morning I was able to sit, enjoy my coffee, and watch some HGTV while sewed the binding on by HAND.   You read that correctly, by hand.  Skipped the machine and enjoyed the process.  This quilt is all from my stash.  Working from what I have has been gratifying.

Charming Plus Quilt