Good Monday morning.  Were you a productive sew-er this weekend?  I admit I was not.  Once again, life got in the way.  Actually, I was busy working on my wedding invitations so I can get them out this week.  Stuffing over 150 takes more time than I aniticipated. 

I received an email this morning from Joann’s about a contest they are holding.  It’s about Decades & Memories.  They are showcasing a project from a different decade.  Right now it is the 60’s.  That is not what got me thinking…the memories tugged at me a bit. 

My grandmother is the person that taught me to sew.  One of my favorite memories with her is from when I was around 5.  She had the sewing machine out and these circles in a variety of colors.  I started sewing them together.  She was behind me cooking dinner and there I was playing around on her sewing machine, no real clue what I was doing.  I love my grandma for letting me learn my way through new things.  I can tell you those circles looked like crap, but for a 5 year old I was really proud of my accomplishment.  I can see this memory like it was yesterday.  I’m currently sewing on her old dining room table at my parent’s house. 

My grandma gets the majority of my first time projects because no matter what she will love them.  She is showing off her quilt currently to all the ladies at her nursing home.  Now, she’s 96 and doesn’t have much else to do.  She has always been my biggest cheerleader.  She was my assistant on my first quilt. 

The first complete quilt that I made went to my parents for Christmas about 10 years ago.  I had bought the fabric and while I was home on break from school I would go over to grandmas to sew.  On Christmas Eve I wasn’t quite done with the top so I had to sneak it into my parents house.  It felt like my parents would NEVER go to bed that night.  There I was in our family room sewing up a storm trying to get this done before Christmas morning.  At 3am, I ran out of binding and called it a “night.”  My parents were very surprised by their gift.  They still have it in a closet, but it did not hold up so well to washing.  I had a lot to learn. 

So readers, what are your memories?  What is your favorite sewing memory?  I will let my quilting friend in North Carolina decide based on your responses.  My giveaway item will be 5 fat quarters, pick 5 of the 7 below.  Sorry, more of my collection is still in Florida. 

You have until Tuesday 2/2 at 5pm to post.  I will annouce the winner on Thursday!!