Maybe Show Quilts Aren’t My Thing


Another quilt entered in a show with a dismal result.  My quilt was rejected QuiltCon 2017.  There was some wine involved after getting the email, but my perspective hasn’t changed on the whole process.  Check the #quiltconreject tag on Instagram and Facebook for a delightful show of quilts.  There are some amazing rejects!

I make quilts that interest me, challenge my skills and abilities.  Maybe they aren’t show worthy and that’s okay.  Let’s highlight some positives from this experience:

  • I accepted the challenge, even though I forgot I signed up
  • Worked, begged and borrowed with other quilters for their fabrics if they weren’t using
  • Quilted densely with almost free motion
  • Made and submitted a quilt by the deadline (BOOM)


This is a functional art piece.  The title is “Wait, how many squares?”  My concept was to create something that would get people talking.   Looking deeper into the quilt and pausing for a moment to appreciate it.  It’s for sale if anyone is interested.  I’m going to post on Etsy over the weekend.

So how many pieced squares do you see created by fabric?  Hint:  the quilt is square.


Inspiration Comes in Many Shapes

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