May Goal

It’s seriously May already.  That’s good and bad for me.

For May I am going to quilt and bind my April Finish.  I was able to baste the quilt on Sunday as I watched Game of Thrones.  I’m still not happy with how far off the top is.  It’s crooked, you can still see it, but OH WELL.  That’s character right?  During quilting I should be able to straighten it a bit more.



The backing for this fabric has been in my stash forever.  One of those fabrics you buy a newer quilter to have in your stash because it’s on sale.  I used to be such a sucker for fabric sales, however I do adore this fabric.  Surprisingly I bought like two yards or more of it.


May is super busy as we prep for an upcoming show.  Growler Girls does a couple of shows per year and this is a BIG one.  As we are prepping, hubby has to prep for his work events in June as well.  Busy, busy, busy.  So while I may not post as much, just know I’m working on stuff and you will see the results in June and July.

July will be all about Christmas.  I will be having guest bloggers share tutorials for gift ideas, home decor, and general holiday awesomeness.

The weather has been gorgeous in Indy in these first few days of May.  Since we are talking Indy and the month of May, let’s not forget the Indy 500.  I plan to listen from home again this year and sew all day.  Maybe we can get a repeat of this picture.

There was so much mud after they were done "helping" us.
There was so much mud after they were done “helping” us.

Until then he will just help out in the garden.  He was elated to find a worm and watch it move around.  Too bad there is not video of his shrieking with delight.



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