March Finish

This Rainbow Charm Project has been one of my favorite quilts.

rainbow charm quiltFelt good to really use up scraps and be creative.  It’s been done for days but I have been pondering what to do.  I considered submitting it over to a couple of magazines or writing the pattern.  Look for the pattern soon.  I’m working on a couple of different versions.

Indigo and violet were nixed because the scraps I had were too dark.  Plus, I was having the borrow scraps to finish.  Kind of defeats the purpose right?

rainbow charm quiltI quilted in a light yellow on the front in the white and aqua on the back.  It’s amazing how a design starts out one way then ends up something completely different.

rainbow charm quiltThe aqua back is a thrifted sheet.  The binding is a print a randomly picked up that really coordinated well with the original design.  Good thing there are some scraps left to make that happen.

Linking up to a ton of other great projects for the month with three hours to spare.

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