March Fabric Budget

Well…I bought some fabric this month.  All with a purpose and part of an upcoming blog series:  Baby Quilt Overload.  No really, there are 5-6 baby quilts in the works right now.  More on how I manage that in a later post.

fabric budget march

So what did I get with my $47.02 spent?  Quite a bit due to some good sales and thrifty shopping.  A local quilt store was having a big sale to make room for spring collections.  I was able to purchase most of the fabrics for a gender neutral baby quilt that is in the works.


The were clearing out all of their American Made Brand solids.  Sad, but they are not selling at this store.  The fabric isn’t as soft as others, but I’m hoping after washing it’s better.  I picked up a periwinkle solid for another baby quilt in the works.

Indy Upcycle is a crafter’s dream come true.  It is my go to store when I’m looking for something unique or want to try something new.  I went in to look for tags to create better quilt row tags.  Then I saw the white and brown circle flannel fabric.  This huge piece was $4.  I’m going to use it to make a few items around the house and possibly a picnic quilt backing.


There should not be much buying in April, it’s all about sewing.  Check back tomorrow as to why.

$100 Fabric Budget Goal

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