Lotta Echo Plus Quilt

lotta jansdotter echo plus quilt

When Lotta Jansdotter introduced her first fabric line Echo, I was in love.  I knew those fabrics would one day become a quilt for my bedroom.  They were stashed and hoarded away until recently.

A few months ago hubby and I were discussing the quilt.  He was presented with 5 quilt layout options and he chose this modified plus quilt layout.  I grabbed my stash and cut the squares to 5.5″ and set them aside.  When we booked the IMQG Sewing retreat I knew I would finish the quilt there.

My small bungalow doesn’t have room to baste this thing.  It barely had room to layout the quilt and label rows.  The rows were done in two sections to have enough room.

20150206_214145Each row was numbered and collected, then all 18 rows were sewn.  The amount of starch used on this quilt shocked me.  As I pressed the seams open I knew I would have to wait to baste so I wanted the quilt to hold up.  One night I heard from the living room, “Can you stop using the starch?  The house is smelling funny.”  Yes hubby.

echo quilt topThe top was sewn and pressed prior to the retreat.  Hubby even ventured into Jo-Anns to get the batting I wanted for this quilt.  He did so with no issues.  Once the top was finished we discussed quilting options.  Simple straight lines on the sides of each seam was the winner.

Upon arrival at the retreat I got right to work and started basting.  The backing is a blue sheet with white branches that looks very similar to the prints in this line.  I bought the sheet set forever ago with the intention of using the flat sheet at the backing to this quilt.

echo quilt back

I trimmed the sheet to help avoid excess fabric getting sewn onto the back.  I should not have done that.  Some spots the backing wasn’t enough.  You wouldn’t know that after I trimmed and bound the quilt, but it was a real frustration during my quilting.

Binding was some Kona Navy and the blue hatches I had in my stash.  The entire binding was machine bound especially with the issues I noted above.  Since this will be on my bed and used frequently I wanted something I wouldn’t worry about.

echo quilt binding  Sunday I had a chance to take some pictures prior to leaving the retreat.  The quilt had not been washed yet.  I love quilts when you can see the quilting after it’s washed.  This was our view for the weekend.

lotta jansdotter echo plus quilt

lotta jansdotter echo plus quilt

lotta jansdotter echo plus quilt

First thing I did once I got home was throw it in the washing machine.  I wanted pictures with it washed too.

Hubby and I ventured out into the cold to get these pictures.  We went into Broad Ripple and took pictures around the area.  This bridge is a landmark and I love the sign in the background.

lotta jansdotter echo plus quilt A new restaurant on the Monon Trail recently opened and has a lovely new fence.  Hubby and I drove over.  I forgot my clips in the car so I went back.  Did I mention it was cold and icy out?  I slipped and fell really hard near the car.  My butt and wrist were sore at first but has faded.  Now my knee is super sore.  Hoping that goes away.  I really wanted these shots so I hobbled over after I fell.

lotta jansdotter ech plus quilt

lotta jansdotter echo plus quilt A big gust of wind came through and moved the quilt just enough for the backing to flip forward.

lotta jansdotter echo plus quilt

lotta jansdotter echo plus quilt

This quilt is now resting comfortably on my bed.  The jade and green colors are inspiration for possible new colors in the bedroom.  Very happy to have used these fabrics and #sewmystash2015.