June Sewing Goals

Yes that says goals, not just singular.  This June is busy busy at our house.  Hubby has an out of town work event this weekend, Growler Girls has a show June 13th, and then hubby has his big event the following weekend.  The Nagel family calendar is full.  No matter how full the calendar may seem, there is always room to sew.


growler bags in progress

Lots of growler bags.  We started using Wonder Clips and it has helped my process so much.  Very little bunching or movement.  Getting through 7 layers with a straight pin was AWFUL.  They are expensive and that expense is completely worth it.  I don’t use them for binding or most of my quilts, but are must for bags.

wonder clips

Paper Pieced Baby Quilt

brights scraps

Black, whites, and brights for a gender neutral baby quilt.  These are all scraps from a local quilt store where they let you fill a bag, as long as it closes, for a set amount.  It’s fun to dig through and see what you can create out of someone else’s scraps.  These black and white prints were stuffed in my bag as well.

black and white scraps

For June I want to get the top pieced.

Look for a post later this month discussing the pattern selection and project.

So much color in my sewing this month.  It’s a wonderful boost when you are you creating on a deadline.

I’m linking this post up to the A Lovely Year of Finishes June Goals.  What are you working on this month?

2015 lovely year of finishes