June Fabric Splurge

Splurge feels like the better term than budget.  I spent some money last month on fabric.  Damn you flannel explosion quilt and Crimson Tate for having that awesome Sexy Lumberjack fabric.  The quilt was well received and they love it!  No worries, I’m still on track mostly.

june fabric budget

Three quilts were sold this month and some more are coming in July.  Some of the money spent in June was for a big quilt on commission for July.  More low volume fabrics were needed for the background on the Quilts for Pulse blocks.

Over the last six months I have really stopped and asked myself if I need this fabric?  What project will it go with?  Will I use this soon?  The quilter with the biggest stash at the end just has a big stash and probably a wish list of projects.  Also, a very confused family on what to do with all that glorious fabric.

For the 4th we are disconnecting from the world at the lake.  I’m contemplating selling off some of my fabrics locked away in my favorites cabinet.  They are literally just sitting there and I haven’t been inspired to use them.  Wait, you’re probably thinking you’ve read this before and you have.  Not going to lie.  It’s hard to part with something you truly enjoy but don’t feel inspired by.

Let’s tackle that later in July.

June was been a wonderful month for our family.  Lots of family time and adventures.  We spent some time at the lake and went on a little adventure.  We tried hiking but P wasn’t really into it.  So we went searching for covered bridges.  Found one.

covered bridge exploration

We could be in Illinois in the photo for all we know.  This is literally in the middle of nowhere.  We found a few others but it had started to downpour and we gave up getting out of the car.

fabric painting

During the Indy Modern Quilt Guild meeting this month, Karen introduced most of us to fabric painting.  This was really fun and something new to learn.  This concept was totally stolen from Holly’s masterpiece.  Something about it was therapeutic too.  I made a few others and this was my favorite creation.

new fabrics

new fabrics (2)

These new fabrics came to live with me for a bit.  StitchStashDiva has wonderful service and will do 1/4 yard cuts.  They are for a commissioned quilt for July.  Let’s just say this was the inspiration.  It will not be exactly the same, but using some of the same ideas.

bridesmaid dress baby quilt (3)

P and I celebrated some birthdays this month.  Kid loves cupcakes and probably smashed 2 pretty quickly.

p & I

I’m back to running a bit more, not as much as I would hope though.  Aiming for 3 days per week and honestly I’m doing good to get in 2.  However this gem is was hiding on one of my routes.  I rarely go on this route, but so happy I did.

purple ombre wall

Purple ombre.  Look for some quilt pictures to be taken here in the future.

I’m off to relax and decompress for a few days.  Enjoy your 4th of July and make some wonderful memories.