It’s a BOY!

Okay I made the comment in a recent post that I have been making many boy quilts.  Maybe it will my sub conscience tell me to prepare myself for what is to come.  We found out this week that Porter is a boy.  Hubby is still grinning and cheering.

Showing friends across the country the proof.

I had thought girl from the beginning of this pregnancy.  I feel a boy will work well in our family but I would have been happy to welcome to a girl as well.

It’s been an exciting week including a range of emotions as I can finally stop calling Porter it, and refer to him.  He’s healthy and planning his arrival still around March 30th.

However, I did have  a discussion with the doctor about my small issue that will occur in March.  Indiana Hoosiers will be dominating the college basketball scene.  Hopefully, otherwise my blood pressure will be high and force Porter to join us earlier.  I mean sewing and college basketball go together completely, right??

Okay sewing friends, I need some help.  Now that we know Porter is a boy, what do you sew and create for boys?  I’m open to ideas and suggestions.