Inspired By Color

The French Seam is hosting the Indiana State Fair Sewing Challenge again this year.  The quilt I entered last year was one of my favorite quilts ever, of course I want to participate this year.  Based on feedback from previous challenges, they changed the rules a bit.  Previously, you purchased three yards of pre-selected fabric and incorporate those fabrics into your project.  Sometimes I was inspired, sometimes I was not.

There were a a good amount of colors to choose from.  Three swatches really stuck out to me.  I put all three behind my back and just shuffled.  Champagne is the color I selected for the challenge.  I hope being random pays off.

 kona champagne

Lots of ideas are swirling in my head for complimentary colors and quilt layout.  I will be sharing my top two color palettes over the next few days.

What are your thoughts on the color Champagne?  Good neutral?  Boring?  Could be awesome?