I did not give my son a Pinterest worthy 2nd birthday

Pdawg celebrated his second birthday last week, so a couple of Saturdays ago we had a party for just the kids.  We planned for an indoor play place since it is March and the parks are swampy messes right now.  Plus, it’s a great way for toddlers to run around and be loud.  Our house can’t support 15 toddlers running lose.

I’m going to be very honest and say that I didn’t want the stress of a perfect birthday party either.  I want to enjoy the day and my time with our family and friends.

porter's  2nd birthday

For his birthday I wanted to do something special but not over the top.  I just don’t have time for that.  Of course I went to Pinterest for ideas and found a number of them for a dinosaur theme.  The kid loves dinosaurs right now.  Is it bad that we know all the words to theme song to Dinosaur Train??  I found these wonderful dinosaur tails on Pinterest.  Here is the tutorial that I used.  I made a few for the party so the kids could run around and ROAR if they wanted to.

handmade dinosaur tails

Hint:  scour the the remnants bin at Jo-Ann’s for good deals on fleece.  I used felt for the spikes to make it easier.

The tails were a huge hit at the party.  P loved running around in them.  They are very easy to make and were a nice break from my quilting projects.

porter's birthday

All the food was snacks and placed in Rubbermaid tubs and the cupcakes were from Super Target.  OH THE HORROR!  I love Pinterest for inspiration but I work full time and in my free time I want to spend with P, hubby, and/or exercising.

Maybe as P gets older I will be more detailed with party planning.  The kid barely realized it was all for him.

All I know is the kid loved swinging and balled when we made him get out of the swing.  Sorry kid, time was up.

porter's birthday


The kids in attendance had fun and were wore out.  Success.

Some of my IMQG mom friends.
Some of my IMQG mom friends.