How to SAG for the RAIN Ride

Help your rider be successful with good preparation.  They are logging the miles, but you help them get there.  This is not an official post or sponsored in any way.  May contain affiliate links.

SAG, PSV, or whatever you want to call it is essential to help a rider complete a LONG ride.  How long?  Let’s start with the RAIN Ride.  160 miles across Indiana in one day.  Sound exhausting?  It is, but also fun.  My super, wonderful, and amazing husband tackled and completed the RAIN Ride on Saturday.  I had never been a SAG vehicle before and learned quite a bit.  SAG, let’s just call it stuff and gear because that’s exactly what you are for the rider.  I documented most of the day on InstaStories, Instagram, and Facebook for family and friends to keep up with.  It was a motivator for to hear others cheering him on, we weren’t doing this alone.  Did I mention hubby hates having his picture taken?



Gear and mechanical essentials

Your rider should have a few items on them in case of a flat or other mechanical issues.  Make sure they pack anything they will need for a complicated issue in your vehicle.  Hubby shopped at Performance Bike for his essentials.

Be ready to be bored

  • Bring a book, crossword, etc
  • Download podcasts for when the radio has all crappy stations
  • Bring a project to work on by hand
  • Keep your phone charged


It’s okay to over pack.  I don’t think you really can over pack for this type of ride.
  • Ibuprofen
  • Allegra or allergy meds
  • Sinus decongestant
  • Sunscreen
  • Pepto
  • Towels
  • Foam roller
  • Yoga mat
  • Quilt
  • Baby wipes
  • Anti bacterial hand wipes

Learn how to make decent Gatorade

The mix is imperative.  Too dilute and he’s not going to feel as great.  Too much and he can’t drink it.

Stop and enjoy the hidden gems

I drove all over Indiana’s back roads.  In between pit stops I had time to stop here and there.

Things for next time

While we were pretty prepared for this race, there are a few things I will do differently next time he does a race of this magnitude.  I would get cash before the ride to have just in case.  We needed cash for the bike mechanic that helped repair my husband’s tire at Pit Stop 1.  Have pickle juice available for him in the car.  Sounds gross but the shot of sodium is helpful when riding.  Baskets would be helpful.  I saw one family had a tool box set up and I was envious.  We just threw stuff together and didn’t really organize.  Next time I’m bringing baskets to organize his snacks and backup gear.  Also I want to leave room to have the bike rack off the back of the car and access via the trunk or hatch.

I was able to meet some nice spouses and friends that were also playing SAG for the day.  It was fun to meet up with them at the rest stops and hear how their rider was doing.

Congrats again to my husband that accomplished this feat despite some big set backs in the first 5-10 miles.  I kept checking on him at rest stops since he expended lots of energy at the beginning, I wasn’t sure he would complete all 160 miles.  Once he got over 100, he was determined and didn’t want to stop unless he couldn’t make his legs go anymore.  That determination was awe-inspiring.  I cried when he crossed the finish line, this is a huge accomplishment.

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