How I’m Balancing Sewing and Life

A conversation started recently within the Indy Modern Quilt Guild that I think is a great topic.  How do you speed up your sewing or quilting process?  What tips or tricks do you use to speed up your efficiency?

Here are my top 5:

1.  COFFEE!!!!  Have you seen the size of my coffee mugs?  Huge.

summer recap 7

2.  NETFLIX.  I sew in bursts during the day, usually 30-40 minutes long.  Mostly the length of a Netflix show, depending on the show.  Gives me a measure of time and motivation to get something done before the next episode.

3.  Mornings are the best time for me to get a few things done.  I work from home with my grown up job so once the boys leave in the morning, I have a few minutes to do something.  Typically that’s 20-30 minutes before work.  On Tuesdays and Thursday I have until 11:30am once they leave.  There is lots of coffee and Netflix on those mornings.  I like to get pictures like this from daycare while I’m working away.

Porter smiling

4.  Keep things simple.  If you have been reading for awhile or new to my blog, you may notice I keep projects simple.  I use precuts if I can, use variations of squares, and have a go to pattern if I’m stuck.  I’m also not trying to turn out new quilts all the time for magazines or books.  Which ties into my final tip.

My go to pattern, the disappearing 9 patch made with 5" squares.
My go to pattern, the disappearing 9 patch made with 5″ squares.

5.  Let it go!  Okay Elsa calm down and stop singing.  This is why I love my husband, he’s very good at letting things roll off his back.  It’s something I have struggled with for a LONG time and always will.  However his temperament has worn off on me in some ways.  If I can’t get something done in the morning, during a show, or in my time frame (that I usually make up for myself), I let it go.  The needle broke the other night while I was sewing and I really should have finished the project right then.  Instead I cursed, replaced the needle, and said I was done.

Bonus:  Also, I’m not the best at sharing what I’m working on right now.  This gives me time to do pictures and work ahead with the blog and Instagram.  Helps with my sanity.  I use a blog schedule to coordinate everything.  Most of my deadlines are flexible so I can move things around and always have posts ready to share.

Bonus Bonus:  I stay off of Pinterest except for certain times of the day, usually at night.  It’s easy to get sucked in and start dreaming up new projects.

These speed me up and help me enjoy the process.  When I’m enjoying the process it makes the project that much easier.  Now #3 and #5 sometimes get thrown out the window if I’m close to finishing.


Leave a comment with what you do to speed up your efficiency with sewing.  Is it important to you?  Can’t wait to read your responses.