Happy Spring

spring 2Spring is finally here.  Hello flowers, warmer weather, and of course allergies.  I will take allergies over sub-zero temperatures and snow.  Let’s put this image out of our memory for a few months.

snowmageddon 2014 (2)To celebrate the arrival of spring I made something for myself.  At one of our Indy Modern Quilt Guild meetings earlier this year I won the stash box.  Each month someone would win a box full of fabric, notions, patterns, etc that others wanted out of there stash.  If you took anything you had to replace it with something from yours.

I found some coordinating fabric, wooden purse handles and lace.  Making a purse immediately came to mind.  I used this pinned tutorial to make my purse.  I’m pretty happy considering the first purse I ever made.

Yesterday was the first day I used the purse and it coordinated with my outfit.  I’m going to make another and actually follow the tutorial and make it big enough.  I can’t open my purse more than 1.5 inches.  OOPS!

wood handle purse