Handmade Bridal Shower Gifts

A few Fridays ago I posted that showers were the theme around my house. Recently one of my oldest friends, as in I’ve known her since I was 6 months old, had her bridal shower. She asked me to be a bridesmaid and I couldn’t be more honored. I’m so exicted to be at her wedding and see her looking beautiful in her wedding dress. I remember she spent ages trying to find the right one. She looked at websites like https://www.winniecouture.com/stores/wedding-dresses-charlotte-nc/ or ones similar before she found her perfect dress.

Obviously, it’s not just about the wedding dress though. This is her and her fiance’s big day and I cannot wait for these two to be married. But first, we’ve got to get the bridal shower sorted.

Her fiance is in the military, so her colors are reflective of that. Naturally for her shower we wanted the colors to be similar. bridal shower flowersEveryone got to take one of these home to remember the day.

bridal shower momentoFor bridal/baby showers I like to give or make a handmade gift. Their kitchen colors are beachy ones. I had the idea of what I wanted to do but wasn’t quite sure. I went through all of my blue, tan, and aqua scraps. For her gift I wanted to include an apron, potholders and napkins.

My friend made a beautiful apron, sad I don’t have a photo of it. These potholders were made with all scraps.

scrap potholdersPlus these napkins, which could double as placemats. The fabrics all coordinate but aren’t too matchy.

handmade napkinsI had this old picnic basket that I put it all in. Also included an Indiana cutting board, seen here. This will play into their going away gift when they move in January.

vintage picnic basketAs for the shower I made cupcakes using just a regular white cake mix, with shaved white chocolate. Then had white whipped cream topping. So good but so messy when I made this.

cupcake wedding dressFor embellishment some vintage lace and buttons were added from my stash. The buttons were actually my grandmas and the bride enjoyed the personal touch.

It was a great bridal shower and this weekend we gear up for the bachelorette party.