Gender Neutral Scrappy Bridesmaid Dress Quilt

Remember the Gender Neutral Triangles quilt?

gender neutral triangle quilt

Well that project got completely scrapped.  Something about the colors wasn’t right for me.  Maybe it’s that coral pink.  Too soft for me?  Not sure, but my gut instinct wasn’t liking this quilt.  I’m not going to put something out there that I wouldn’t be proud of or want to rip to shreds everytime I see it.

In a late night frenzy I started over again.  Digging through scraps and stash I found a darker pink and a better yellow.  Less mustard, more orange.  The colors worked better together.

bridesmaid dress baby quilt (2)

This is much better.  Once all of the strips were pieced the quilt top wasn’t quite big enough.  So I added a gray border.  Perfect spot to incorporate the first part of the bridesmaid dress.  A little “G”.

bridesmaid dress baby quilt (4)

The darker pink is a nice contrast to the softer pink from the dress.  For quilting I went with straight lines, not sure how the dress on the back would hold up to FMQ.

bridesmaid dress baby quilt (1)

It’s backed in a big portion of the dress and the lovely jade solid.  The binding is a double binding with the liner of the dress and the overlay.  It was challenging to pull off, but I adore the finished result.

bridesmaid dress baby quilt (5)

This finished quilt is more my style and I was happy to pass along for the baby shower.  Apparently, it was a huge hit.  It’s all in the details.  Taking bits and pieces from someone’s wedding and then transforming it into something for their baby.

bridesmaid dress baby quilt (6)

It pays off to go with your gut as an artist.  While the triangle quilt would have been okay, this is perfection and more reflective as me as an artist.  It feels weird and it’s hard to say you really don’t like something.  Great concept but not the right project.

Now I have some fabrics added to the stash that I’m not sure what to do with.