Friday Favorites on Pinterest

Wow, has this been a busy 10 days or so.  Last weekend I was back in my college town for 3 days.  Hello Bloomington, IN.  It was great and a blast to hit all of favorite bars from a few, okay more like 7 years ago.  At least it’s not 10…yet.

Sample Gates
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After the whirlwind of that trip I only had a few days at home before we left for New York City for a friend’s wedding.  This is my first black tie wedding and I have been stressing over what to wear and how to do my hair.  I settled on a long black dress borrowed from a friend and possibly something like this for my hair.

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Hopefully on Sunday I will have time to make to the Fashion District and do some shopping.  I WILL navigate the subway all by myself from Brooklyn into Manhattan.  Easy peasy right?

Giant Needle & Button in NYC’s Fashion District
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