Friday Favorites from Pinterest

Sorry I haven’t posted much recently.  Porter was sick for days and made it very difficult to get anything done besides snuggling him.  Plus life has kept me from the computer at night.  Well hubby has.  He’s been  Breaking Bad from the beginning again.  Love the show.  Sad it’s ending this Sunday.

This week I’ve been pouring over food on My Eats & Treats board on Pinterest.  We are having Octoberfest for Sunday Football at the Nagels.  Bacon week was a huge success and everyone is pretty excited for German food.  I’m just excited for the beer.  This is one of my favorite beer seasons, missing out last year was very difficult.  Sam Adams Octoberfest is my favorite beer hands down.  I may hoard cases of it to have during the year. Yes, that’s a serious statement.  Most of my friends know there is probably a case in the back hatch of my car.

sam adams octoberfest

As for German food I’m either way, the beer is more important to me.

After we make it through the games the Breaking Bad Finale will be on.  Some of our friends will be staying over to watch with us.  I wanted something that I could snack on, but would be a little themey for the show.  I found this and thought perfect.

Easy recruitment food: white chocolate with blue food coloring + pretzle sticks.

Pretzels dipped in white chocolate.  OH MY!  Perfect snack for me.  Addicting, sweet, and salty.  Add a little blue color to the white chocolate and there you go.  A follower on Facebook suggested a bit of orange zest too.  Interesting.

Let’s see how it all goes.