Friday Favorites from Pinterest

This week has a theme…SHOWERS.  My best friend is getting married later this fall and her shower is coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Plus, I know about 12 people having babies by February 2014.  Can’t make them all quilts so I need options.  For showers I love to do something personalized and/or handmade.

This health educator is in charge of fruits, veggies and cupcakes.  I haven’t baked in a while and don’t have a go-to cupcake recipe.  Found these two that will work for the idea the bride was intrigued by.  She would like something like this…cupcake wedding dressHere are the recipes I’m going to taste test soon 🙂

White Cupcakes Recipe | YummlyWhite Wedding Cupcake Recipe

Then there is a gift.  Since my business is build around sizzling with a stitch, of course I’m going to make something kitchen related.  I can’t reveal all of the details today, but here is an idea.

DIY Apron ...They are so cute and easy!As we wrap up a crazy busy wedding year for hubby and I, time to start thinking about all the baby showers that will be coming up.  Porter will have so many new friends.  One of my co-workers made these for Porter and everytime he wears them someone comments.  Plus, they are just adorable.

diy no sew baby bow ties / use velcro instead of pins
Babies in bowties…ADORABLE


Just put some velcro on regular onsesies and leave the new momma with a little more velcro for when they outgrow that size and move onto the next size.  Many of our friends are having boys but there are a few girls in there.  Instead of bowties, this equally as cute for girls.

baby rosettes + baby bowtie = shower gifts

Time for me to get back into the sewing room this morning.  I have a few things I want to try and get done before work.  A perk of working from home.