Friday Favorite from Pinterest

We have recovered from Labor Day at our home.  We ended up having 5 people stay with us over the course of the weekend.  Love them all, but wow, it’s a lot.  It’s been a work week at our house.  Meaning I’m doing more sewing than sitting around planning (pinning).

This weekend kicks of a 4 year tradition.  We host Sunday football, every Sunday until the Super Bowl.  Attendance ranges from 10-20 people over the course of a Sunday.  The basement can support it.  Last year on the first Sunday we had ~22 people.  Each week has a theme and this year is kicking off with BACON.  My husband is beyond excited.


I started this board last year and it’s been neglected.  My wonderful friends usually do most of the creative cooking.  Especially since I was pregnant last season, I couldn’t smell a few things without gagging.  However my super creative foodie friend is the one going through chemo and she won’t be able to come over most Sundays.  Kids and large groups of people are bad for her immune system.

I do think these recipes may make an appearance.

Mini Spinach, Bacon & Cheese Quiche


Cheesy Bacon Bombs


Can’t wait to see what everyone creates.  I have seen some crazy ideas on our message board.