Finished Scrappy Ohio Stars

It’s been a hectic few weeks around the Nagel household.  Birthdays, work events, and some secret sewing that I can share on Friday.  This Friday, March 18th.  I’m beyond excited and hope you enjoy what I’m sharing.

The Scrappy Ohio Stars quilt has been done for three weeks and I haven’t really had time to sit down and write about it.  It’s enjoying it’s new home and being put to use.

scrappy ohio stars quilt

This quilt has become one of my favorites.  The secondary pattern the Ohio Star creates looks like a Buffalo Check.  Thanks Katie for that mention, now I can’t un-see it.  It’s not a bad thing, just my eyes are drawn to that now.  So many fabrics from past projects and Rachael’s too.  Notice all the polka dots?  That is a Rachael signature pattern.

After finishing this quilt I had about a fat eighth of Kona White left in my stash.  I dug deep to find some white scraps that could work.  The binding is super old and one of the first modern fabrics I bought in 2010ish.  For quilting I kept it simple with straight lines, typical me.  To be honest I traded this quilt with a friend for a keg of craft beer.  I wanted to finish quickly at the sewing retreat and move on the next project.  Plus, it went to a guy, he’s probably not going to notice the quilting.

Rachael and I did a quick photo shoot of the two finished quilts together.  Not advisable on a windy afternoon as the quilts almost flew off into the ravine.  Luckily, Rachael is a quilt wrangler and the quilts were saved.

They look great together.
They look great together.


Quick thinking
Quick thinking


quilt pile


quilt wrangling


scrappy ohio stars quilts

Wonder what our next scrappy quilt swap will be?

Scrappy Ohio Stars Part 2

Scrappy Ohio Stars Part 1