Favorite Things This Week

October has had many fun opportunities for my family.  Picking apples, selecting our pumpkins, family visiting, and a little getaway for fall break.  We have the house decorated for Halloween just as P would like it.

Fall Break

If you’re a follower on Instagram then you may have seen all the beer flight pictures.  We visited the Grand Rapids area for a few days with P and they do not have archaic alcohol laws saying kids can’t be in a brewery.  Indiana’s alcohol laws are ridiculous.  It was nice to be able to sample beers I can’t get near me.  If you get a chance, I recommend the New Holland Mocha Mint Dragon’s Milk.  Hubby was surprised when I said this was my favorite.  It’s like a Thin Mint, but better.

Meat, cheese, and beer. Yum yum. #craftbeer #newhollandbrewing #drinkmichigan #craftbeerlover

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While we visited many breweries, we did other things.  The John Ball Zoo exceeded my expectations.  It’s just the right size and has some interactive components.  P enjoyed the goats in the farm area.  He also spent way too much time in the with snakes and lizards.  Kid, I can’t have snakes in my house, I will loose her mind.

Yes, we took our kid to many breweries.  This was a huge part of our lives before P arrived and I think it’s important for him to see people drinking beer and not getting drunk.

P’s favorite part of the trip was the hotel pool.  He played in there until his lips were blue.  We are back home and back to normal.  It’s nice to get away for a few days.

Not my best picture, but my boys look good.


I’m working on a piece about failure as an upcoming post.  I would love your input on projects or ideas that didn’t turn out right.  A business that just didn’t work, a goal you had to completely revise, or anything that you feel wasn’t a success.  We all have failures or things we don’t succeed with.  Talking about it and reflecting on the lessons you walk away with, can help you succeed in your next endeavor.  You shouldn’t be afraid of failure, it’s natural and happens to everyone.  Yes, even in this era of over sharing, people fail.


Grab some tissues as you read this story of a kid from my high school.  He lost his parents at a young age and has overcome a number of obstacles.  This kid is pretty awesome, plus he’s a cross country runner.  There is a soft spot in my heart for those kids since I was one.

Fun Stuff

Those last two sections may feel heavier than what I normal write about.  So let’s finish up with some fun things I have seen.

Did you watch Supermarket Sweep in the 90’s?  Did you hear it’s coming back?  Bring on the terrible sweatshirts and grab your cart.  P.S., I’m totally going to apply as a contestant once it’s casting.

Speaking of the 90’s have you seen these gems?  Pretty sure I need one to keep my fabric money on.

Lisa Frank Debit Cards are Here to Turn Your Wallet into a Technicolor Dreamscape


My friend Bri is a talented poet.  She has helped create the Indianapolis Review about arts and poetry.  The second edition is available here.  

The Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild does at least one charity quilt every year.  Last year, we submitted this quilt to QuiltCon.  As a group we had many conversations around the design and scale of this project.  It always amazes me what we can do creatively as a group.  We are working on another for 2018 QuiltCon submission.

Fill me in on good stuff going on out there.  I’m reading constantly from various sources, but feel like I miss so much.

I started the weekly favorites to share a little more about me.  Sewing and quilting may seem boring to most people.  There is so much more to my life that these posts are a glimpse into all the other things that encompass my weeks.  The post may contain affiliate links.  If you may a purchase from a link, I may receive a small compensation.