Favorite Things This Week


When Target announced they were phasing out Merona and Mossimo, I was a little sad. What if the new brands don’t fit as well? What if I don’t like the style. Those worries have been wiped away with my most recent purchases. After working from home for over four years, I realized my sweater selection was low. I lived in hoodies and sweats most of the time. A New Day is my new jam.

I wanted a sweater to wear with skirts and skinny pants. Seriously, I’m going to order more of this in various colors. It’s soft and drapes perfectly on me. I see gold in now in stock. HMMM.

Having a large knit cardigan was also on my wishlist. I picked this one up last weekend and now want to wear it everyday.

Target has had some great sales on items I was stocking up on for Christmas gifts. I can’t share with you right now, but after Christmas I will.

Supporting Local

Our part of Indianapolis is seeing revitalization with new businesses and neighborhoods support those businesses. Last week, the shops near our house hosted a Sip N Shop to kick off the holiday season. So glad my husband and I were able to enjoy a quick date, do some shopping, and explore new to us businesses. Most of P’s Christmas shopping was done at Mass Ave Toys. We snuck in a drink across the way and had a delicious macaroon.

We did some more shopping and stumbled across a hidden gem. Nicole Taylor’s Pasta offers a chef’s table meal. We talked with the chef for a while and then I went home to research it. Turns out they are booked throughout 2018. Maybe someone I know has a reservation and will invite us later. Who wouldn’t want to sit here and eat a meal crafted just for your party?

Chef’s table

AIDS Memorial Quilt

The AIDS Memorial Quilt was on display at Indiana University this week. While I was not able to make it to see in person, their Facebook page did a great job showcasing the quilt. It’s been 30 years since the quilt was created. The Washington Post looks at the impact it still has here.

Check out the Indiana Daily Student’s article here.

Sewing & Quilting

Add another project to my list of potentials, Christmas pajamas. Melly Sews makes it look easy, see here.

Cup of Jo featured some stunning baby quilts on her blog. She even featured some handmade ones here.

Clearing out clutter

Two adults, one small human, and two dogs create quite a bit of clutter. Let’s not even mention all the stuff we have jammed into our small house. Lately, it’s become too much, and I feel like we are bursting at the seams. This week I have started tackling clutter and taking donations to Goodwill. We have great spaces in our home and I wonder if we are using them the best. My friend used holloway self storage sydney to store some of her belongings in since she wanted a little more space in her house. I’ve considered putting some of my clutter in a storage unit too!

P helped me put my fabric stash into a cabinet in our back room. Now I need to finish cleaning back there and taking stuff to the garage or donating. The room has more cabinets on the wall now and has become a catch all. My plan over the next week is to really clean it out and organize the space better.

This is from March 2013.

Once that is done, I can tackle the sewing room. It’s a disaster as well. It’s the first thing people see when they walk into our house. Sometimes I’m embarrassed, other times I don’t care since there really isn’t another space in the house.

Biggest project for these next couple of days is scraps. I have two of those tubs pictured above stuffed with scraps. With guild meeting on Sunday I hope to bring the tubs to the meeting and see some go. P’s art teacher may be getting a giant donation too, who knows.

I do see some trips to Dollar Tree and Ikea in my future to make the most of the space we have. What are your go to stores for storage ideas? Plus, more purging to come.



Impacts of Clutter

I have come across some articles lately that talk about the impact of clutter on your overall health. What are you thoughts?

Impact on mental here, read here

Effects on productivity, read here

Being disorganized is one thing, I can operate in that. Too much clutter really slows me down, it puts added pressure on my that isn’t healthy. Not to mention, it’s overwhelming. My sewing space right now is full of clutter. Projects, ideas, scraps, etc all thrown together. No more, it’s time to tackle and clear up some mental space to allow for more creativity.

I started the weekly favorites to share a little more about me. Sewing and quilting may seem boring to most people. There is so much more to my life that these posts are a glimpse into all the other things that encompass my weeks. The post may contain affiliate links. If you may a purchase from a link, I may receive a small compensation.