Favorite Things From This Week

Links to my favorite bits of news this week.

Hello!  It’s been a hectic week at work, leaving me not much time to read and comment on blog posts.  Here are some that I found throughout the week.  I’m going to grab some coffee this morning and play catch up.

Sewing & Quilting

This is giveaway open to any handmade item for the Holidays.  Visit Ellison Lane for all the details and link up.


Staying inspired is important for growth and learning.  What inspires you?  Nicole says, “If you don’t stay inspired, your creativity dies.”  Read part one here.  I’m excited to read part two when she writes it.

Selling nothing for $5 earned Cards Against Humanity $71,000 on Black Friday.  That’s awesome and weird at the same time.

General Awesomeness

Pretty sure this sign needs to live in my basement or front door.

“Make it Work!”  The amazing Tim Gunn.  Listen.


Posts from this week

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