Favorite Indy Candle Makers

With craft shows and businesses hosting events I have found some wonderful candle companies local to Indy.  I have found three locally made candles that you have to try.  We enjoy candles at this house.

These live in my home or have been given as gifts.  Rave reviews all around.

Night Lights Company

bellini jar candle from night lights company
Image used with permission

Night Lights Company offers hand-poured candles designed with luxury in mind.  The display she had at a local show was perfect for experiencing the smells of her candles.  Chelsea covers her candles with a glass lid.  It was not overwhelming when you lift the lid and you can have a pleasant smelling experience.

If you’re unsure which scent to select, a Discovery Scent collection is offered.  Four 2-ounce samples are included in the set.  If you’re opting for the gift set they can select their favorite scent and get a full-sized candle at no extra cost.  This is a wonderfully innovative idea if you’re unsure.

I’m excited about the Holiday/Winter collection being back in stock so I can enjoy the Merry & Bright.  The scent captures my favorite smells from winter.  Honestly, I’ve kept the candle and frequently get wafts of my favorite scent even with just a tiny bit of wax in the jar.

Friends and family will probably get one of these in their stockings this year.

Company Info

Website:  Night Lights Company 


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nightlightscompany/

Sage & Bloom

black jar candle in a pepper scent from sage & Bloom
Image used with permission

During an event at the nearby Indy Beauty Room, they had sample candles from Sage & Bloom.  I brought home my Peony & Nectarine candle and instantly fell in love with the scent.  Then, I started following them on Instagram.  The aesthetic and overall look was lovely.  I was hooked on this brand.

They have introduced an Artisan Candle Collection that includes a colorful floral wrap.  I’m going to be adding one to my candle collection very soon.

After our wedding, we wanted a gift for those that were a part of our day.  We had not found the perfect thing for our parents during our honeymoon.  However, I did find a concrete Bigfoot my dad would have enjoyed.

I reached out about making custom labels.  For my maid of honor, it was named Chokehold & Veil.  That’s another story.  For our parents, Love & Support.  They got the Pink Pepper & Vetiver scent pictured above.  Everyone has raved about this candle and loves it.

Company Info

Website:  Sage & Bloom

Family – Owned

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/sageandbloomco/

MDK Handcrafted

Image used with permission

This exact candle is currently in my bathroom and I love the scent.  It’s fresh and fruity.  I met this brand, MDK Handcrafted, at one of the few vendor shows I’ve been to recently.  Did you know they just launched their candles this year?

They offer a variety of bath products and I also bought a sugar scrub.  The summer is coming, my skin needs some love.  If your skin needs some love, be sure to check out their line of bath products.  They use simple, natural ingredients in their products.

What truly drew me to this company was their packaging.  The color palette, logo and their labeling was amazing.  I even asked about it, that’s how much I loved it.  Those little details always draw me in.  Then, I learned this is a husband and wife team working together to build a business.

Company Info

Website:  MDK Handcrafted

Family – Owned

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/mdkhandcrafted/

If you purchase any of these products, please come back and let me know.