Favorite Family Halloween Movies

As we approach Halloween weekend it may be time to bust out some of our favorite Halloween movies. Being the film fanatics that we are, it’s got to the point where we should probably be looking for some home cinema designers in london to make our movie nights even more special. Since P is obsessed with Halloween, we watch “Spooky” movies year round. We also have some Halloween decor up in the house all year too. This year, I finished the quilt below to use while watching movies. You will probably find us snuggled up this weekend enjoying these movies and eating giant bowls of popcorn.

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The original Ghostbusters from 1984, not the remake. P thinks it is hilarious and walks around quoting the movie. “Back off man I’m a scientist!” The other night he re-created the ending scene of the movie in his bubble bath. “Look mom, I’m covered in marshmallows,” as he pretended the bubbles were marshmallows. Good one kid.

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As a parent the language isn’t terrible, but there is one scene that can be hard to explain to kids. It’s the scene that Dan Aykroyd is having the “dream” with the ghost and she unbuckles his belt. I’ve just told P it’s a dream and later I will have to have a better response. The movie still holds up on the comedy for the adults as well.

Hotel Transylvania 2

This has to be a favorite movie of P’s. Maybe it’s the music, the banter, or the scary monsters, but he loves this movie. Hotel Transylvania 2 provides comedy for the whole family. The movie encourages kids to be themselves and not have to fit into the mold of your character. Also, how people can interact on various levels even with differences. That’s my super high level parental take away. My kid just sees the monsters being silly, that works too.

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Hocus Pocus

Our final favorite is Hocus Pocus. Follow the Sanderson sisters as they come back to life and try attempt to steal the souls of children. Okay it’s not that scary. They just run “Amok, amok, amok, amok.” Again, the comedy holds up for adults. Winifred is my favorite character. Her sarcasm is just my style. “Another glorious morning. Makes me sick.” – Winifred.

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Additional movies to consider viewing

Addams Family – We haven’t introduced P to this movie yet, but it’s on the list. Plus down the line it could make a fantastic family costume idea – P may become pugsley addams from addams family for a party down the line.

Spooky Buddies – The plot is terrible and can be hard to watch as an adult. However, my kid thinks the dogs are funny.

Nightmare before Christmas – I am not a huge Tim Burton fan so I try to avoid this one. P kinda of dug it. He may like it better as he gets older.

Casper – That friendly ghost can be quite entertaining. I had the biggest crush on Devon Sawa when the movie came out in 1995. My kid could care less, he just likes ghosts.

What is your family’s favorite Halloween movies? Do you have any Halloween traditions to share?

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