Fabric Fall Wreath Tutorial – A Pinterest Favorite

fall fabric wreath tutorial


Fall Fabric Wreath Tutorial

My favorite season is finally here…FALL.  Let’s celebrate by making an easy fabric wreath using fabric scraps.  Get the details below on my Fall Fabric Wreath Tutorial, it’s a Pinterest favorite.  

fall in cooperstownSo many colors in the leaves, crispness in the air, and of course pumpkins.

pumpkinsAs I was working on potholders for area stores I realized there were so many 5″ charms left over from a few collections.  I wanted to create something to embrace fall but we don’t decorate for the seasons much at our house.  Funny enough I have had a wreath hook on my front door for two years without a wreath.  Yep.

The idea of using my scraps for a wreath was born.

How to create your own

fall fabric scrapsUse pinking shears and cut 1.25 inch to 2 inch strips from the 5 inch charms.  Thicker tends to be harder to tie.

strips of fabric for fall wreathHere is a pile of what I started with for the project. There are probably ~40 5″ charms cut for this. Towards the end of the project, I did add another 8-10 5″ charms to make the 12″ wreath look full.

strips of fabric for fall wreath

You will need a wire wreath, I picked one up from Jo-Ann’s.  This one is 12″ in diameter.  However, I would do an 8″-10″ possibly next time to make it look fuller.  Another good spot to look for a wire wreath is Dollar Tree.  Also, don’t forget a wreath hanger if you don’t already have one.

fall wreath project

To give it a random look add strips in each section of the same fabric.

fall wreath project

To tie the scraps, lay the wrong side of the fabric under the wire and tie a knot around the wire.  Pull the right sides of the fabric to the top and keep pulling until the knot is tight.

fall wreath project

Continue to go around the wreath adding in strips of the pre-cut scraps.

fall wreath project

Keep filling in around the wreath.

fall wreath project

The finished product turned out like this.


fall wreath project

Overall I am happy with how it turned out.  The strips reminded me of leaves as I was making the wreath.  It now sits proudly on our front door.

fall wreath projectThis quick project took about 2-3 hours with everything on a Saturday afternoon.

Update on 9/15/15:

I went to put the wreath out this year and realized it wasn’t as full as I would like.  Plus I had many fall charms left to use with no project in mind.  So, I grabbed my plinking shears and started cutting.



Much happier with the finished wreath.

fall scrap wreath


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