Everything Has Changed

Months ago I announced that the Quiltytherapy family was growing.  Well Porter arrived earlier than expected and completely changed my world. The title of mom is now my top priority.  He needs me more than anything else does.

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Being honest I was trying to be Super Woman.  Between pregnancy, exhaustion, and working crazy overtime hours my sewing and blogging came to a halt.  Something had to give.

Now that he’s here, healthy, and developing a routine I’m getting the itch to get everything going.  Prior to his birth I hit a wall with everything in my world.  Work was testing me, hormones may have played a role in that.  With sewing I have so many ideas and projects but the time just wasn’t there.

So much fabric.
So much fabric.

Granted having a c-section was not high on my to-do list, but I think it’s given me some extra time at home that I was really debating.  It’s going to be difficult to balance mom, entrepreneur, and full time employment.  The motivation and support is there from my family.

I am looking forward to moving ahead and creating the items I have been pondering for some time.  Quiltytherapy is going to be a striving business and I’m going to put the effort it deserves to make it viable and more than a “hobby”.  I want the flexibility and income to spend time with my son.