Dresser Makeover

Hubby and I, well okay mostly me, have been wanting to makeover our bedroom.  When you move into a house, you have an idea of how you will use it, but after a while it becomes apparent it’s time for a change.  We needed a new dresser and night stand to really complete our room.  Have you seen the prices of those pieces of furniture?  Yeah, not going to convince either of us to pay that.

My mom reminded me that my parents had a dresser and nightstand in storage.  Okay, they are oak and not really my style.  My neighbor recently did a dresser makeover for her guest room and I thought, let’s paint these.

I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.  So fitting to have been working on during April with my Upcycle/Recycle  posts.  The color is great and coordinates really well in our room.