Dear JoAnn Fabric:

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Dear JoAnn Fabric:

Thank you for being a crafty resource.  Your hours, coupons, and stock make it easy to create anything you want at almost any time.

However, there is a challenge with shopping in your store.  The cutting counter can be the worst experience of the store.  It’s not your staff, it’s the set up.  Sometimes I just need a yard of a Kona Solid for a project I need to complete this weekend.  The larger store I visit has long lines at the cutting counter, so they implemented the ticket/number system.

Great!  Efficiency, until it’s not.  Standing in line to get one yard cut should not take more than 10 minutes.  It’s absolutely not worth my time.  One a weekend there should be 3-4 staff members at the cutting counter to help customers.  It’s centrally located and gets many questions not related to cutting foam, ribbon, or fabrics.

Here are some suggestions to help improve the customer’s experience:

  • An express cutting counter for those that only need under three yards.  They can cut it themselves and scan the barcodes for the cutting ticket.  Cashiers can help QC that they cut one yard and didn’t actually cut three.
  • On weekends or during coupon promotions have a staff member available at the cutting counter for those that have extra questions.  Speeds up the line for those that know exactly what they need and offers those with questions a person to talk it over with.
  • One line for the upholstery fabric.  This could go with the suggestion above.  In my observations, these customers may have more questions on the math, how many yards they need, and even what/how to make something.

The negative experience at the cutting counter has caused me to avoid the store at times.  I know I’m not the only one that feels that way.  After posting on Instagram about my experience a few people commented similar things.  Those couple of extra people does cost the store in overhead, but can truly be beneficial to the bottom line with increased sales from jaded customers like myself.

Yes, I submitted this to corporate.