Creative Road Block

My creative juices have hit a wall with one specific project.  The wonderful Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness send out fat quarter bundles of her new gorgeous Fantasia line earlier this month.  I was very elated to receive it in the mail.

I had an idea to remake a quilt that I had done and had someone in mind to be the recipient.  The fabric is playful, wonderful, whimsical, and very springy.  Have you seen it yet?


It has unicorns too.  The 10 year old Lisa Frank lover in me is dying.  Lisa Frank is/was awesome!!!!!!!!!

fantasia unicorn fabric


fantasia unicorn fabric

The original idea I had needs to be scrapped.  The recipient may not appreciate the awesomeness of this fabric, even though they would appreciate the quilt.  My friend Melissa saw the fabric a couple of weeks ago and started gushing over it with me.  Then an idea came to her that was perfect.  So perfect, I can’t quite share, but it’s going to be great.  I’m going to share the finished quilt here, but not who it’s far just yet.

That’s where the problem starts now.  What will this finished quilt look like?  After scrapping my original idea, I cut the fabric into 5″ squares to have ready for something else.  Now I’m on the fence about that.

I have sent Hubby on a mission to Jo-Ann’s to acquire some batting to use as a design wall.  Will he make it out alive?  Drown in the Kona solids?  Get lost in the licensed prints?  He just wants an excuse to get out of the office.  Wife in distress and coming to her rescue can get him out of the office early, usually.

What do you do when you’ve hit a creative road block?  What helps you?

Once the Pdawg is in bed tonight I will take over the living room floor and lay out some options.   Look for them on Instagram.