Color Palette 1

Have you used Kona Champagne before? Well it’s my color inspiration for the State Fair Challenge this year.

kona champagne

Since we aren’t bound by any certain fabric I would love to use some fabric in my stash. My first color idea was something neutral.  Out of my stash I pulled these to try and incorporate.

Teal, green and a tan
Teal, green and a tan

As my friend Rachael noted, “It’s kinda of 2008ish.”  Many of these fabrics have been in my stash for some time, since 2008ish.  Some I struggle to part with.

My idea with these centers around one block blown up.  Something along the lines of Jeni Baker’s Giant Vintage Star Quilt.

I’m going to table this idea for a bit.  Rachael was right, she has seen these colors before.  I don’t think it’s enough for a competition especially one focused on color.  What do you think?